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20s Lehmann “Alabama Coon Jigger” man dances with cane in hand EPL 685

This is the rare early version of this popular toy known as EPL 685. The later versions were renamed as EPL 690, a very unusual move for Lehmann. The Alabama jigger toy was one of the most successful of all toys made by Lehmann. The EPL 685 version has a small hole in the dancer’s right hand. Research indicates it may have been there to hold a US flag while he dances. This one came with a cane that fits through the hole. The EPL 685 version was believed to have been produced from 1912 to 1914 or 1915 with the EPL 690 continuing on to 1945.

This one is all original with original arms. The original box is complete with all staples intact. Inside the lid would have been a sheet of instructions, but it is missing with only glue residue left behind.

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