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Lehmann “Alabama Oh-My Jigger” man dances on platform—final version No. 500

This is believed to be the final version of the “Oh-My” jigger toys. It came this way, mint in box. I bought this from a private home and am convinced the toy and box were sold together originally. Nowhere on the toy do you find the name “Lehmann”, not even on the winder. On one end panel of the platform you see what appears to be a Lehmann logo, but it is not. It lacks the “L” part of the logo. The litho scheme, lettering and dancing platform are all different from the prior versions. It may be that this toy was produced during the GDR (German Democratic Republic) period after 1949. [This same logo appears on the “Peter” toy, often described as a Lehmann toy.] The box this mint toy came in, however, does have the correct Lehmann logo and is identified as Lehmann with patent information. And on the box it is referenced as No. 690, which is a correct number for earlier “Oh-My” Alabama jigger toys. The later production date may explain how the box and toy no longer include the offensive term “Coon Jigger” found on earlier versions.

A review of prior sales reflects that this version is by far the rarest and is found roughly in one of twenty sold.

It also came with two mounting rods secured in the cardboards sleeve shown.

It is labeled as “Nr. 500” (number 500, I assume?).

[Note: Lehmann did produce a toy designated as 500, but it was called “Paddy and the Pig” and was not this toy.]

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