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Lehmann “Mars Rad Cycle”—man rides 3 wheeler

This is a rare boxed “Mars Rad Cycle” that was made by Lehmann from 1901-35.  These are almost always found as part of the “Anxious Bride” toy, whereby the driver of the 3 wheeler pulls the bride in a cart that follows behind. On that toy, the spokes of the Rad Cycle and the cart are matching red. But the Mars Rad Cycle was also sold individually as a separate toy.  It is believed that the ones sold separately had plain spokes, since they were not being produced to pair up as part of the Anxious Bride toy. It is extremely hard to find a boxed Mars Rad Cycle, but here it is. The original box is all original and complete with all staples intact.  This is one of the very few Lehmann toys that have no EPL number on either the toy or box, but we know from the archives that the toy number was 471.

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