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Lehmann “Swing Doll” rare early toy with porcelain doll on windup swing

These scare toys are among the very earliest of the Lehmann offerings. They were produced under license from Chr. Scheinert of Berlin and have a patent date of October 24, 1879. Stamped underneath is “Gebraughsmuster—Eingetr—Made in Germany”. On the back of the seat are the words “Schutzmarke—Trademark—Marque” above the earliest of the Lehmann logos. The toy bears one of the lowest item numbers of all Lehmanns, EPL 295. They sold boxed for $2.95 in the 1890s. This is a very rare toy.

Upon a winding, the doll swings forward and back. The doll is held in the seat by a metal clip. This is the original correct doll with all clothes intact, approximately 3 inches long.

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