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RARE MIB French unmarked Lehmann “Anxious Bride” in cart pulled by 3 wheeler

This mystery toy appears very clearly to be a Lehmann “Anxious Bride” down to the smallest details, but it bears no markings of any sort on the toy or box.

The box refers to the contents only as “La Fiancee Inquiete”. The Lehmann version of the box has the identical art, but repeats the title “Anxious Bride” in several languages. And, of course, the Lehmann version has the company name, logo, item number and multiple patent references. It is highly unlikely that this toy was made anywhere other than the Lehmann factory in Brandenburg, Germany. But it appears to have zero patent protection, something very much contrary to Lehmann policies. Other unmarked toys, appearing to be Lehmann in every respect, have surfaced in boxes for only the French market, but each has “K B Paris” on the box label, presumably identifying the distributor as Kratz-Boussac, a seller of toys from 1883 to the 1920s.

This toy operates identically to the Lehmann counterpart. The driver proceeds “to and fro” to keep the passenger from exiting her cart as she waves her hankie in protest, all the while raising up and down out of her seat.

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