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Lehmann “Tut Tut” man in car toots horn—red wheel version

This popular toy (EPL 490) was made from 1903 to 1935 and depicts a man driving one of the earliest German cars. Early motorists had to share the road with horses, cyclists and pedestrians and were required by law to toot a horn, and here Lehmann pokes fun at that practice. The toy toots by small goat skin bellows under the car as the man travels to and fro with his arm moving with the steering wheel. Lanterns on the front complete the toy.This is the rare red-wheel version. A small number of these (maybe 10%) were made with red wheels instead of the light grey wheels on most of these. In all other respects the toys appear to be the same. The red-wheeled versions do seem to look nicer and more finished.

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